Personal Statement

Ing. Rafael Schwarzenegger is a final year PhD researcher in the field of Management Science at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 

He focuses in capability risk and reliability modelling of technology innovation.

Keywords: Empirical Bayes, Reliability, Statistics, Engineering Mathematics

Education/Academic qualification

Engineer, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Program: Mathematical Engineering, Award Year: 2017

Bachelor, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Program: Financial and Insurance Mathematics, Award Year: 2015

Fluent in English and German

Feb 08

PhD Tips

Doing a PhD is most times enjoyable. And it is even more, if one knows some life-hacks.

I am describing below concepts in reliability the reader might find interesting to think about and realise. In reliability we focus on the probability of a system to operate without failure over a given period of time.

Reliability, as an endeavor for equipment to function without failure. It is used in the industry for production and product improvement. Next to other methods, like Six Sigma.

I hope to create here a discussion point for participants, who are thinking about similar topics and would like to engage in a vibrant discussion.


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